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Probate is a court process in which a judge decides who receives assets that were owned by a person who has died. Assets can be anything of value including property, cash, stocks, etc. Why is probate needed? Probate is needed to collect debts owed to the deceased person, clear title to bank accounts that were held in the name of the deceased person only, settle disputes between people who claim they are entitled to the assets of the deceased person, transfer title to property to the deceased person's heirs, or resolve any disputes about the deceased person's will. The probate process can start immediately after death. The length of the probate process depends on factors such as whether property must be sold, whether there are complicated tax matters with the estate, and your experience in probate proceedings. Probate involves many court filings that must be submitted in a timely manner according to California Probate Law. With an understanding of the legal principles involved which would arise during probate, our Firm could represent you in probate hearings in the court and guide you through the preparation and filing of the legal documents necessary to ensure an efficient probate process.
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