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  Financial Elder Abuse

Older persons are especially vulnerable to certain kinds of undue influence and abuse at the hands of family members. Tragically, some despicable individuals take economic advantage of older friends and relatives who are in compromised physical, emotional or mental positions. Elderly financial abuse can take on many forms, including stealing assets, convincing a senior to place your name on their accounts, forging signatures to obtain new lines of credit and loans, and fraudulently using existing credit cards. In these times of financial uncertainty and ever-changing laws, statutes and regulations, litigation over Financial Elder Abuse is becoming more and more common. Such litigation is extremely stressful and costly to everyone involved. Many such disputes arise from a family member taking advantage of their elderly parent for financial gain, and the parent's apprehension to pursue protection for fear of retaliation from such family member. In addition to family members, there are other perpetrators of financial elder abuse which include:
  • Caregivers
  • Neighbors
  • Friends and Acquaintances
  • Attorneys
  • Accountants
  • Health care providers
  • Banks
  • Other financial institutions
We understand such emotions and trauma. Upon our careful evaluation of the acts of your case, we first encourage the parties to resolve their dispute and misunderstandings before entering the court's jurisdiction. However, if all efforts fail, we are dedicated to fully representing our clients' interests in the most efficient and effective manner. We educate our clients of the pros and cons of financial elder abuse litigation and the costs and stress that may be incurred in the litigation process. We encourage our clients to ask questions and advise them throughout the course of litigation. Whether you're a senior citizen or have one in your life, it is important to know what financial elderly abuse is all about, and how you can prevent and recover from it. That is why, in support, we offer a free consultation.
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